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Different routines for different outcomes

By adopting certain routines, you can work towards certain outcomes. For example, a morning workout routine can help you be productive during the day, while meditation can help reduce stress and feel connected.

Whatever your desired outcome, a tailored routine can help you achieve it!

Wanting to...

Build confidence

Then do this:

  • affirmations

  • reflect on your skills

  • celebrate your wins

  • replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts

  • do things you enjoy

Stay focused

Then do this:

  • drink water

  • remind yourself of your goals

  • mindful breathing

  • eliminate distractions

  • stick to your routine/consistent times to do certain things

Be productive

Then do this:

  • get a good night’s sleep

  • don’t hit the snooze button

  • stay away from your phone

  • make your bed

  • get active in the morning

  • write a daily to-do list/plan your day

Feel connected

Then do this:

  • meditate

  • journal

  • notice your feelings

  • engage in enjoyable solo activities

  • call a loved one

  • schedule time with friends and family

Sharpen your mind

Then do this:

  • brain dump

  • review your day

  • get enough sleep

  • exercise

  • try something new

  • manage stress

Slow down & take a break

Then do this:

  • spend time outside

  • pay attention to what gets your attention

  • cut out distractions

  • do one thing at a time

  • create balance between work & life

  • say no & reduce your commitments

Be healthy:

Then do this:

  • get some sun

  • walk more

  • prioritize sleep

  • meditate

  • eat unprocessed/natural foods

  • drink more water


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