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5 simple ayurvedic tips for a healthy life

We all want to be our best selves, right? Well, Ayurveda has a lot to offer on this topic.

While many people think of Ayurveda as a luxury alternative to traditional Western medicine for those who can afford it, there are ways we can incorporate these ancient practices into our lives now - as preventive measurements.

Read on to discover 5 simple tips we can (& should) integrate into our everyday life for more balance, happiness and health.

1. Rise early & at a consistent time each day

Ayurveda recommends awakening before 6am. At 6am, Kapha becomes dominant. It’s energy is heavy and sluggish. If you awaken during Kapha time, you might feel heavy, tired and without energy since these Kapha qualities will increase within you.

For optimal health it is important to align your body to the natural cycles of life. Go to bed before 10 pm to wake up with the sun. This will help your body stay in tune with nature.

An extra bonus: it will give you more time in the morning to incorporate a healthy routine

2. Hydration

Ayurveda recommends water at room temperature or hot only. Ice-cold drinks are never recommended. The thought is that the cold will put out (or lower) the digestive fire and therefore disturb digestion.

For the same reason it is recommended to avoid drinking with meals. Imagine a fire (digestive fire) over which you pour a big amount of water. It will be less strong or totally burn out.

Make sure to drink warm water first thing when you wake up to kickstart digestion and rehydrate after the night.

3. Move everyday

The ideal time for exercise is between 6-10am. This time is ruled by Kapha which properties are contrary to those of physical activity → balance. This also means being active at these times of day can counteract any tendency toward sluggishness, heaviness, or mental fog

4. Consistency

Form a daily routine that supports your wellness goals. The most important part is sticking to it - so make it realistic and fun. Create & maintain a daily routine where you perform each task at the same time each day

5. Meditate

Make time each day to go inwards. Meditation is a great practice that brings your mind back into balance. Making meditation a part of your lifestyle will help you stay fit and healthy


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