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Body Sync


unlock the potential & wisdom within

This digital, 14 chapter self-paced online course is for anyone who wants to let go of pushing through life on autopilot, and instead, embrace a path that honors their body's whispers, unlocking a world of vitality, harmony and a true, heartfelt connection to themselves.


This course is not just skin deep.

It will guide you through a transformative journey of understanding your body, leading you to unlock the magic of aligning your life with your natural rhythms, nurturing a deep bond that fosters vitality, balance, and a profound sense of self-love.


This course is a comprehensive guide into all the tools that facilitated my journey of cycle awareness and alignment.


I am beyond honored and excited to show you around in this incredible world that has been hidden within us as a mystery for most of our lives. But no longer!


This guide is for you if you want to...

Unlock the remarkable potential & wisdom within your body

Learn to decode the language of your body and cater to its unique needs

Say goodbye to the days of feeling mystified by mood swings and drained energy

Embark on a journey towards greater wellbeing

Harness the art of rhythmic living, where you instinctively know when to leap forward with boundless energy and when to savor restorative moments of self-care

Welcome a world of stability and self-awareness that empowers every aspect of your life

Walk on a path towards hormonal balance and glowing vitality

Or simply revel in the joy of feeling truly in sync with yourself

If you said YES to any of the sentences above, this guide was made for YOU. 

Body Sync Online Program

329 €


a complete guide to cycle alignment for women’s wellness

13 chapters guide on cycle syncing

Printable worksheets

Cycle tracker

Online journal

28 day cycle syncing movement schedule

Guided yoga classes

Guided meditation sessions

Journaling prompts for each cycle phase

Affirmations for each cycle phase

Recipe ideas for each cycle phase

Take a look inside the guide:

Chapter 1: A Look inside the Female Body

We will cover things like the nervous system, the endocrine system, female hormones, your 2 internal clocks and the circadian rhythm


Chapter 2: Hormonal Balance


Chapter 3: Understanding your Menstrual Cycle


Chapter 4: Feminine & Masculine Energy


Chapter 5: Cycle Syncing Basics


Chapter 6: Holistic Approaches to Cycle Syncing

We will cover things like traditional Chinese medicine, Chakras and somatic practices


Chapter 7: Emotional Well-Being: navigating the ebb & flow of feelings


Chapter 8: Nourishing your Body through the Phases


Chapter 9: Self-Care Practices for every Phase


Chapter 10: Stress, Guided Meditations & Mindfulness Exercises


Chapter 11: Exercise Routines & Movement Aligned with your Cycle


Chapter 12: Nurturing Connections: Communication and Relationships in your Cycle Syncing Journey


Chapter 13: Harmonising Productivity: Navigating Time Management through Cycle Syncing


Chapter 14: Daily Routines & Habits embracing your Internal Rhythms 


Chapter 15: Printable Worksheets & Resources

Living in alignment with our cycles is like discovering a radiant blueprint that sweeps away the guesswork, illuminating the path to a harmonious and empowered life! 


Imagine having a personalized guide that outlines exactly when to surge ahead with boundless energy and when to bask in gentle self-care. It's like unraveling the secrets of a treasure map, leading you to a vibrant tapestry of optimized productivity, balanced emotions, and nourishing self-love. 


With cycle syncing, every day becomes a masterpiece crafted in alignment with your body's natural rhythm – a brilliant fusion of science and intuition, guiding you towards a life of empowered living and radiant well-being! 

This guide is​ self paced & you will have unlimited time to complete

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